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Hey there,

My name is Giovanni, but everyone calls me Jack. Sorry my French is very bad, I speak English and Italian. I live in Paris and start studying a one year photography course at Speos Institute of photography. I have been living on my own since I was 18 and have lived in multiple different countries. I am very independent, considerate of shared spaces and others personal space. I love to cook when I have the time and I love to be active ( rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, surfing ) I am very social and enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new people but am passed the excessive partying stage. I am looking for a nice quiet but fun place I can call home during my time in Paris. I will be very busy with school, work and personal projects so I am looking for a quiet place where I can relax and work while still having fun. Currently live in the 18th but have to find a new place by September. I really like this area so thats my first choice.

I look forward to meeting my future flatmates!

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