A propos de la colocation

  • Appartement
  • 3 chambres total
  • Dispo : 1 - Simple
  • 1 salle(s) de bain
  • 0 mois minimum
  • Disponible à partir du 1 mars
  • Meublé
  • TV
  • Wifi

A propos des colocataires

2 homme, de 23 à 26 ans, mixte, fumeurs uniquement à l'extérieur

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Description de la colocation

Hi, we are looking for a third roomate in a flat. It is located at a very convinient location, next to Libearation tram station. There are three bedrooms of which one is free. There is a common living room (with TV, electronic drumkit, xbox), well-equiped kitchen and another common area. The appartment is spacious and quiet, the neighbours are friendly too. Rent is 1300 euros per month to be divided amongst three people.

We are fun and easy-going. We are looking for someone who would be a part of the group and not just occupy a room. Another plus is that you will get to eat good food quite frequently :)

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Annonce modifiée le 20 février 2021